The Summer Scene

So life is rough. If you read my other posts you’d know that I thought that. So I decided to turn over a new leaf and be more optimistic.

So here is a little list of things I’m going to do this summer. Hopefully with someone. And if that someone is you, all the better.

  1. Motorcycle ride. Actually, this is gonna be involved with a lot of the other ones because it’s way fun.
  2. Snoasis. If you haven’t been there you are missing out on the best snow cones in Utah county. Well worth the drive to Alpine.
  3. Raft the Provo. It’s more maneuverable than tires or tubes.  And free if you have a raft.
  4. Jet skis at Deer Creek. Because Utah lake is garbage.
  5. Birch Hollow canyoneering hike. This is the best day hike you’ll ever do, 10 rappels and all downhill.
  6. Costco samples for lunch. I dunno why but this is always so fun.
  7. Otter pop giveaway. Cuz who doesn’t love getting a free otter pop?
  8. late night hot tubbing. The more spontaneous the better.
  9. Shotgun shooting. This one will happen multiple times.
  10. Sunrise Timp hike. It’s what you do.
  11. Backpacking trip to the Rockpile. (It’s so easy, only like 2 miles away and so pretty, easily done any day of the week.)
  12. Play at Discovery Park (the wood park). That place is a dream.
  13. Spend a morning at the driving range. Cuz I stink at golf but who cares?
  14. AF canyon drive, fishing at Tibble Fork, canoe on the lake. All these are basically in the same spot so they are together. And they are all awesome.
  15. Bridevale falls hike. Also Stewart falls. Um, they are waterfalls why would you say no?
  16. the Bean Museum. Because the full name is the Monte L. Bean Museum and it’s sick.
  17. Go the the Central Utah Gardens. Pics maybe?
  18. Thanksgiving Point. That’s childhood mems happened and in the making.
  19. Hide and seek in Ikea or Cabelas. Because Cabelas is not impossible, also has better food.
  20. Scheels Ferris wheel. Yup.

So there’s a list of things to do. Feel free to try them out if you’re bored. Go with a significant other because there is hecka potential at those spots. Go with friends cuz these could be good times. Go by yourself and bring food instead. Just enjoy summer.

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