Have you ever watched a dandelion grow? Though just a weed, and though usually despised by all who see it in their lawn, I marvel at how a small green stem with a little bulb sprouts a cute little flower. And hey, if you’re looking for a way to make someone feel special, theres nothing wrong with a little romantic dandelion picking. My little sisters do it all the time, I think its pretty cute. But regardless of how romantic a yellow dandelion can be, it isn’t the flower thats the most intriguing part. after a short while, a dandelion will transform it’s petals into tiny seed pods, characterizing the white little puffballs I am seeing right now. Which brings me to my actual point.
A dandelion takes its time growing and maturing into something pretty darn cool. It doesn’t look like much at first, but give it a little time, and its gonna bloom. But its not until it turns white that you can see its true beauty. Its amazing how something so small has the ability to change so much. But its not without its risks. One strong gust of wind, one forceful breath, and its gone, and all your left with is wishes and an empty stem. So I guess this is a warning to dandelions everywhere. Choose carefully the spot you want to grow. Its also a shout out to superglue, dandelions could really benefit from that, and it might save a heartbreak or two. This is also a petition, asking for a regional airport to be built in the friend zone, so guys like me can find a way out. Thanks.

This wish is for you. Make it count.

Paper Crane Photography

Trying to decide what sums up me. Me. Nate Livi. What’s in a name? What am I doing? What is the purpose of my life? You know, typical deep thought stuff. As I really look into the person I am, I see all the wrongs I’ve done, all the mistakes I’ve made, all the people I’ve let down. Kind of depressing, but I don’t believe in that anyways, so too bad. I definitely recognize the things I’ve done that were less than satisfactory, but It’s harder for me to differentiate between what’s wrong and what’s right. I try to do the right thing, but a lot of the time it doesn’t seem to work out quite the way I pictured. I feel like I disappoint people more often than I please them,. I feel like I hurt people more than I help them. I feel like I destroy more than I construct relationships with others. But only recently have I come to find that this is not the case at all. Only recently have I come to find what truly matters. Only recently have I saw what is right and what is wrong. And only recently have I decided for myself the path that I am going to take. It may be a surprise to many of you, it may be a shock to others, and it may be a example to the rest. But I firmly believe what I am about to do in my life is the right thing, and I’d like to thank any and all who have helped me become the person that I am. There isn’t a harder or more life changing choice I’ve made, in the whole existence of my short life. but there is a purpose and a goal, and I plan to reach it.

There is more to a person that just what is seen in the light.
Paper Crane Photography