I may not have new pictures for this post, but I had to share this. 

In becoming slightly addicted to skiing, Ive watched movies, followed pros, and tried to tweet Aspen Spora at least 13 times. But I’ve found that skiing isn’t just about backflips and sick powder.  Its about spending time with friends and family. It’s about dedicating yourself to become better. It’s about following your dreams. Its about following a worthy cause. 

One such cause is the Flyin’ Ryan foundation. Ryan Hawks was a skier, who at the age of 25 died from serious crash-related injuries. Since his death, the charity has raised money for young adventurers and athletes who possess similar qualities as Ryan, but are hindered by financial issues. The Core Principles of Ryan Hawks are what the scholarships are based on. I may not earn the scholarship (It would be nice though), but I certainly can look to Ryan as an example of what I can strive to be like. Using Ryan’s Core Principles, I have set a goal to become better, not just in skiing, but in life.

Live every day, all day.

Life keeps on going. Maybe if I run fast enough, I can catch up. Or maybe not.

Never stop exploring life.

Hiking the Green Lakes in the Tetons. We all had as much fun as Mark looks like he’s having.

Never lose my adventuresome attitude.

Morgan and I attempting the Sliding Rock Double.

Be the best friend I can be.

Peter and I get resourceful. Ski at my house. Typical best friend stuff.

Be the best brother, son, uncle I can.

My little sister Anna. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Look out for others.

Boarding for a cause? I’m in.

Look out for myself.

Definitely looking for myself.

Look out for our surroundings.

If only I was surrounded by this view everyday.

Play like I’m thirteen.

12 is almost 13… Rugby is the best no matter what number (or age) you are.

Be self-sufficient.

Just building my own GoProMounts. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Dad to the rescue when you can’t get the spare off.

Work hard.

I refinished this 1970’s Red Ryder BB Gun. Helping Lil’ Pete learn to shoot? All worth it.

Live easy.

Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream.

Live simply.
Life just needs a smile, and it all works out.

In my life, I’ve had help from my coaches, friends, and most importantly my family. They support me in all my adventures, whether it’s rugby, running, skiing, or sleeping. Through the generous efforts of everyone I interact with, I can enjoy life to the fullest. Just like Ryan, I want to live life every day, and live it well. Ryan’s Principles have helped me see how living to the fullest isn’t just pulling crazy stunts. It’s helping your mom. It’s giving your full effort to the team. It’s working two summer jobs. It’s supporting a cause. It’s  having fun. I want to live a full life like Ryan. With a plan like that, how can I fail?

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  1. Dear Nate, this is probably the most touching blog posts I have yet to read. It's incredible to see how much you care about yourself and the people around you. I figured I'd be the first to comment, since I'm pretty sure I was one of the first to discover this "hidden gem" (if you know what I mean).

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