The greatest sacrifice yields the greatest reward. Learned lots of important lessons over the years, but this is the one thats been at the forefront of my mind today. Ive found that there are a few things in life that you cant take for granted. I used to think that the opposite of hard was easy, the opposite of right was wrong. But they aren’t so different. However, there is a big difference between the easy choice and the right choice. You can’t spend your time rolling with the punches, because you’ll never get hit. Some people might think that that’s the point. But when the time comes and you need to take action, you’re gonna be stuck since you only learned to evade it. I’m not talking about hitting things. I’m talking about doing whats right. And even though you might get a few bumps and bruises along the way, it just means that the result is so much more valuable. There are things in my life that I’ve found to be pretty valuable. And it’s not until after the winter that you see the new leaves coming out. So keep your head up. I’m looking at the horizon, hoping that each step brings me closer to where I’m going, and that you’re there at the end of it. Because all the sacrifice is forgotten, when your goal is in sight.

Just keep on growing. It’ll work out.

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