One of my childhood idols and the best gunslinger in the west, John Wayne is one of my heroes. There wasn’t anyone who could out shoot, out fight, out ride him. He was brave, smart, funny, feared, and respected. And he always got the girl. Everything I want. But things aren’t working out as well as I’d hoped they would. And I feel worse than I’ve felt, maybe ever. But who said life was over? I’ve got a long way to go still. Maybe things will change, maybe not. But the one thing that is going to change is me. A lot of times, I’m too scared to do things, and I miss out on a great opportunity. Sometimes I don’t want to face the truth, and I ruin the chance to make it right. There’s not always next time. You don’t have 9 lives, you don’t respawn, you don’t live forever. But you do have a chance for redemption. So go get it done. That’s one of the best things John Wayne ever taught me.

“Courage is being scared to death,
 but saddling up anyways.”

John Wayne

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