Good thing I blog like once a year right? Makes it all the more special. Really though, I almost have to read back through it to make sure Im writing correctly. So sorry if it doesn’t match the theme as well.

There are so many different things in nature worth writing about, so I tend to pick the same thing every time and only post pictures of leaves and flowers. But there is just something special to me about a bud thats just beginning to bloom, or a leaf thats on the verge of falling to the ground, and everything in between. Each plant is unique, and each has different qualities that make up who it is.
Look at a tree. Just look out the window, the first tree you see. Note its color, cut, clarity, carat… or at least what it looks like. Now look at the next tree in your line of sight. If not vastly different, Im willing to bet it has even major difference from the first tree that are easily identifiable. Pick your favorite. Why did you pick that tree?
As you’re thinking about that, and if its not too much trouble, (I know, asking you to go outside and pick a leaf if too hard) pick a leaf from each tree, and compare them. Even if they are the same exact species of tree, you can spot differences in the color, vein pattern, size and shape. Its amazing to me how every single leaf is similar, and yet so different from the others. Its incredible how something as small and thin as a leaf can remain on the tree through wind, rain, and people picking its friends off the branch next door for some blog, and still provide critical energy to ensure the tree’s survival. Maybe one leaf sees the sun more, gets more weathered, or does more work. You can always know which leaves these are, and definitely not from a distance. Only in comparison of other leaves close up can help you conclude the nature of the leaf. But who judges a leaf? If we only kept the ones that did the most work, the tree would be barren, and it couldn’t sustain its life.
I love leaves. There are a lot of pretty dope trees out there, with lots of quality leaves on each one. Not gonna lie though, I do have preference. Not so much the type of leaf, but the setting it’s in. When it’s raining, and a water droplet drips off the tip. When it’s hanging in the wind, free of anything that might restrict its motion. When it’s not even formed, still a small green bud on the tree in the early spring. When it’s dusted with snowflakes from a powdery storm. When it’s the only thing you actually want under your sleeping bag. But my favorite thing is on a warm summer day, the sun isn’t too high, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. The leaves seems to soak up the rays, and emanate light, as if they were aspiring to become suns. When a leaf is bright, that is when I love it the most.
What if I wasn’t talking about leaves at all?

To love beauty is to see light.

Paper Crane Photography

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