Feel free to hate on the constant nature pics.
Anyways,  this flower is special to me. I planted it. Actually, I planted a lot of flowers this year. The front of my house has this little square garden, and I got the job (momma forced my hand) of filling it with flowers. What I didn’t know is that the bulbs grew into all different types of nature’s wonders, and promptly died. I hate annual flowers.
But life’s not about hating on annuals at all. Its not about wishing for something thats gone. Its not about wasting time and working hard to accomplish something so little. Its about treasuring something while you have it. Its about savoring the memories of that which is past. And its definitely about working your hardest, and dedicating all your time for the short moments of glory. Its like a rodeo cowboy. He prepares long and hard, spending countless hours practicing and countless nights sleepless and sore, and all for 8 seconds or less riding a bull. I’ve never ridden a bull in a rodeo, or ran an Olympic sprint, or set foot on the moon, but I know that 8 seconds, 100 meters, and one small step for man are all worth  the sacrifice. So as I reminisce on these flowers, I take on a new responsibility, to live life and make it count. Im not talking about running for president, playing at Carnegie Hall, or even yolo. Making something count isn’t about winning a gold medal, or being the first to touch the moon. Its about the glory you bring to your country, and that one giant leap for mankind. So maybe planting flowers wasn’t for me at all. If it made a difference to someone else, thats how you know it was all worth it.

No joy can equal the joy of serving others.

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